Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Okay, once again, from the top.

I think I've isolated what scares me about those two articles from last time. I'll take back that they scare me for completely different reasons, they're both about what happens when all the information is freely available. Whether its possible future terrorists who know what they want to do, or random marketing droids who don't know what they want to do, it's two aspects of the same problem.
If nothing else, at least I feel much safer knowing Carey has given Homeland Security a proper plan for a zombie incursion (item 35 in the gallery). I think this should be posted in all public buildings.

Like Joe, I hope to be absolutely positively done this evening with my packet duties for the tournament. And also like Joe, I experienced the heartwarming quest for a bodywarming jacket that is The Bourne Identity. However, since we basically walked in on that movie by accident, I went completely over the Recommended Daily Allowance of Matt Damon movies, as I had already rented Rounders (mostly so I could Bill Simmons into English.) The massive headache this caused only confirms that Matt Damon should be reclassified as an environmental hazard. (Okay, it might have been John Malkovich's bizarro Russian accent.)
Also following up on Joe's entry, Burn Rate did prove to be an interesting game. I think I may have hit on one good strategy in the game that I won, but I expect it was a function of the cards I was dealt to start. I also like the fact that they've basically made it extensible via blank card packs.

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