Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Comedy occasionally comes right to me. About twenty feet from my desk is a little table where all manner of crap collects. Some of it is our own promotional stuff, and some of it is stuff we get delivered in because we get mentioned in it, or what have you. Well, I hadn't noticed this until yesterday, but sitting on the desk are a couple of issues of a journal for testing and certifying electrical products. Nothing funny in that, except for the name of the journal: Conformity. Conformity Magazine. I can't imagine a worse title for a magazine, if taken out of the context of engineering. Of course, this gets me in a mood to move these to a more damaging location. My immediate thought upon realizing these were in fact titled "Conformity", was to put them in the waiting room of a child psychologist who's just a little too freely giving of the Ritalin, just leave them next to the Highlights. That should cure the parents. Then I realized no... guidance counselor, except, they might actually enjoy the joke. So then, anybody got a better place?