Thursday, March 20, 2008

So today Cornell comes back to the tournament. I'm not sure what proper procedure is in this. First, we haven't been in while I've been an alum. Second, it's making the tournament in what for Cornell has to be the wrong tournament. We're a hockey school, we know that. A little lacrosse certainly, and we even the faintest trace of football history (back to back nationals in 1921-22, and we didn't even need to do it while there was a war on.) I have to think the committee wanted this to be the matchup. They took our colors, and 117 years ago, Stanford stole our faculty to staff their school, and we're still a little bitter. (The centenary of this was celebrated on the football field, so I was close enough to the blood lust then.)

I guess it's relentless homerism time, as we watch the Big Red Bear do to the Tree what it usually does in the woods.