Sunday, December 31, 2006

Notes on the interim (so I don't whiff and have an empty month on my archives):

1. Fraughtwatch needs updating, not only because of the fall of K-Fed, but because I'm getting such a strong fraught reading off of CBS' Armed and Famous that I'm convinced it can only end in tears. How about we call it what it is: Has-been Empowerment through Superior Firepower.

2. Watched The Lady From Shanghai, it's a good movie but I can ruin it for you with one statement. Orson Welles' performance in this film was stolen and misappropriated twenty years later by William Shatner.

3. The first most stressful item in my life is no longer a problem. I'm off all defcons.

4. Amazing thing about Pennsylvania, they won't support a bankrupt city getting an arena for free, but they will pay for one if the tenant will put up $60 million, and then they'll give them the tenant all the revenue, effectively nullifying whatever tax the bankrupt city could collect. I'm not sure what to make of the winning bid for the casino. It's not placed in a location that works with other things (It's further away from downtown than the stadiums, meaning less chance of rebuilding downtown with foot traffic. It's also totally wrong for the plans to extend the subway onto the North Shore, since you can't put a line down to the casino, without either tearing up the roads around the stadiums, or tearing up the stadium. Therefore more traffic only going there.) and I don't think they'll make the money they think down there.