Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Okay, Ben is injured, and I have to admit, the Pittsburgh media has employed admirable restraint. That is they managed to go directly to Wife Swap at 8pm. Were I a betting man, I'd have figured this would have even been 24 hours of coverage. The sad part is, driving into work today, I was meditating on the Fraught list, figuring that I hadn't added anyone lately. As I said before, I snooze, I lose. What worries me is Channel 11, about three days ago, Ben picked a fight with them, now he's injured. I merely can observe the fraught, this is enough to make me believe Channel 11 has fraught-based weaponry.

But I'm not panicking yet, however, I reserve the right to. It looks like it all hinges on whether the knees were primarily scuffed, or he actually impacted. The former, he could be back for opening day, albeit looking like Mark Hamill. The latter, well, this is the sort of thing that you might need to spend a first-rounder on.
We did Father's Day a week early, since I'm going to be out of town. Since my father is well on his way to not needing any real gifts, I've just gone to the "Make dinner as directed, and make it right" school of Father's Day gift giving. S'anyway, I was cutting vegetables in the kitchen at the parents' place this past Sunday, and a call comes in. I pick it up, and it's one of his old salesmen, when he was running his own division of them at his old company. So I pass the phone on, and keep cutting, Dad goes into the living room. Now normally, in a conversation like this, it goes on for a couple hours, and they talk, and swap tales of the past, and former co-workers and so on. If this happens, dinner's gonna have to wait, it just takes a while to terminate the conversation. Well, this time, about five minutes in, my dad drops the bomb on the guy. Hip deep in the eternal battle of "how's your son doing", he drops "go over to NAQT.com, he's doing pretty good for himself." Conversation ends five minutes later.

Occasionally, very occasionally, the kid does good. Happy Father's Day.