Thursday, September 27, 2007

S'Anyway... I've started to get worried that I wasn't keeping up on this, and I didn't really want to hang an empty month on this. My good opportunity for comment, the family reunion in August, was neither so horrific to inspire good prose, nor so pleasant a surprise to earn note. There was a possible comment about me expecting the collapse of the LOLcats meme, mostly due to the oppressive nature of the Impact font, when taken repeatedly, but I don't think it's quite dead yet. So I was wondering, with issues of month end like "I need to remember to pay my bills." pressing, would I find anything interesting to write to prevent a break in the chain? Well, if nothing else, FraughtWatch delivers. Yes, this is the same Willie Williams, I had lost track of him, figuring he had been lost in the morass of the U's recent record. But no, he was in your Louisville, eating your weed.