Saturday, April 30, 2005

Thoughts while watching the Pirates:

Tomorrow's promotion is Build-A-Bear, everyone 12 and under gets a Build-A-Bear, which appears to have a Pirates cap on it. My question is, are you not getting a build-a-bear as much as a pre-built bear?

Joe's great story about ferreting out "the truth" regarding Calvin Coolidge has finally come to its goal, becoming a meme out of his control. To wit.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Various thoughts from the draft coverage:

Having seen Cedric Benson's interview following his being drafted, I'm convinced that he's either going to turn into Ricky Williams, or kill someone on the field who calls him Ricky Williams. There is no middle ground here.

By Antrel Rolle wearing the "free with drafting" cap slightly back on his head, I now know that the new Cards logo doesn't look fierce when not viewed straight on, it looks hydroencephalic.

In 5 more years, Sean Salisbury will sound exactly like Harry Caray. Unfortunately there's no way to exploit this.

After two rounds, I like the Steelers draft, but I'd like the Jaguars draft picks for the Steelers much better. Nothing against Heath Miller, the Steelers could put Matt Jones in multiple positions, and drive people completely nuts, even while he was learning on the job.

I'm a little concerned that the folks who run Powerball have hired the old rovers from the Village to subtly 'encourage' people to play Powerball.

Okay, After their second pick in the third round, I was wondering what the heck was going on with the Broncos. Taking corners for their first three picks was a little weird, but I figured one was going to become a safety. Still it had that weird vibe of "Oh crap, we set autodraft and forgot it doesn't balance for position." At that I was contemplating a fraught call. THEN, they grab Maurice Clarett. Well, that's steering into the skid.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

All I have to say about this: You're not getting 14,000 without bobbleheads.