Monday, July 23, 2007

While I've been gone, it's been good for fraught closure:

If I were greedy, I'd even pat myself on the back for sensing something early here.

It's entirely possible we're living in the golden age of fraught. Each of the four major sports has a crisis that could obliterate its credibility throughout the land.

  • MLB: Steroids
  • NFL: Vick
  • NBA: Refereeing and corruption
  • NHL: The sale of the Predators, which looks to be the problem of the Penguins squared, compounded by it being a prism through which one can see the failure of current league strategy.
I'd call it a perfect storm to let MLS in, but after seeing Once in a Lifetime, I'm more or less convinced adding Beckham is less 1975 all over again, than 1977.

So here we are, in the middle of some big crazy time.

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Brian said...

Why did Dwight "Kid Rapist" Kidder run away and hide? Is he still preying on children?