Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Stopping off at the market tonight, I saw a display with a ridiculous offer. Bag of Marshmallows, 10 cents each. This is the sort of thing that gets my mind rolling in a lot of directions at once, asking questions that really shouldn't be asked, like "Okay, I've got 20 bucks, is that enough to buy this display? How much does this weigh? Could I bench press this? Why are you asking that? Well, mostly because I think it would be harder to bench press, say your weight in marshmallows, versus your weight in weights, just because it would be hard to keep all the marshmallows together. Plus drag, can't forget drag. Does that seem wrong? Horribly wrong, you're only contemplating this for the power trip of being able to say you bench pressed this, and you know that's not even a power trip, that's just being weird on purpose. Besides, do you even know if it would all fit in your car? Well, probably, they're mostly air, but that would take all the fun out of bench pressing, if they got compressed. You do remember that weird on purpose comment?"

So, I only picked up one package. Then I thought. "You know marshmallows, I could buy and sell you, and not give a damn about it. That's only a half-truth, I could definitely buy them, but it is important to display a strong front to confectionery... You DO remember that weird on purpose comment?"

So, I turned away, thankful that I hadn't said any of this out loud. Okay, I turned slowly away, checking if anyone was reacting to anything I might have accidentally said. Then I turned back and got a second bag. Because, hey, 10 cent marshmallows.

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